Pm pipe on its way!

had to order pm pipe as simo blew the baffels out the back .
does anyone know the best place to get it dynoed and set up to perfection around the midlands uk i know vespadocs good but a little to far to travel.
looking back at the posts no one has posted comments about how they,ve got on with pm’s on a 172 with standard carb (apart from curare) i was just wondering what to expect from it,
and where can you order the clear exhaust paint??
any replies appreciated.[:D]
ps thanks for advice on last topic curare im giving up till pipe comes then hopefully i can get someone to sort it properly.[:smokin:]

Go with the doc and he will sort it proper, unlike some around your neck o’ the woods. You may be tempted to give his P2 a quick spin too, It will make your trip down well worth it.

hello revit,

you can order the clear exhaust paint from
Good luck with your new exhaust! very good choice. [H]

You can buy clear high temp exhaust lacquer at most motorbike shops 4 about 8 notes