PM,Pinasco or what?

I’m about to start building a P200E engine and am looking for a nice pipe for it. i was just wondering what pipe would give e best performance for long distance cruising. but would have enough power there when i needed it.  i’ve been looking at the PM one and the pinasco and can’t decide. anyone had any experiences with either or any other that might be better,

I had a PM pipe on a p2 for a while, worked well but you may want to build in a short 4th gear (T5 4th for EFL/Disc engine, P125 for earlier models) to make the most of the way the pipe develops it’s power.  PM pipes are not as peaky as some left hand pipes, but you will lose some low down torque and a short 4th gear will compensate for this.

Have no experience of the Pinasco exhaust myself but have read that they are little more than noise makers.  Not really a proper expansion.  Others may tell you different.

Have you considered looking at JL / SIP Performance Pipes? Its very good in terms of performance, quality and can even fit your sparewheel.