I have a VESPA PX 125cc but have just fitted a Malossi 166 kit so i need an exhaust to fit my Malossi 166 !

I have just purchased which i thought was the correct exhaust part number (20019T) the details show this exhaust is for a 200 but at the bottom of the details in red lettering it says to fit a 125/166.....but it does not fit its to big where it connects onto the 166 barrel !

I have phoned the SIP team but there tech' guy is not in til Monday so they could not give any advance on what to do,my question is this it just a case of swapping the (sleeve on joint pipe) all is it the wrong exhaust all together and i have to send the entire exhaust back ?

Please help as i am not that good when it comes to things like this ....thankyou my friends


regards mark 

That T5 exhaust looks like my Sito plus ......the guy who is fitting my exhaust and who has fitted my Malossi 166 kit said he would like the same power band as the 20019T the one i sent back,is this t5 pro exhaust power like the 20013T ? i said i know very little about all this i just know im paying alot of money just want to make sure i get the right pipe....there are so many pipes to choose from......i want my scooter to have alot more torque as i carry a passenger a fair rear shock has been upgraded to carry a passenger as well !

also thankyou for taking the time to answer my questions...


regards mark

If you carry a pillion you should remember an expansion will ground out sometimes, if you are looking for a decent compromise then I would think about the Sip T5 Pro for PX125. With a malossi kit and the right jetting you should easily see off standard P200's even when two up !

Hi dude



Basically the 166 is a high ref cylinder, it makes no sense to put a SIP T5 pipe because the engine cannot breathe that much.


I guess if you purchased the SIP NG an alternative pipe can be the SIP ROAD because it gives more revs in the high than the SIP T5, the SIP Road is just the middle between a Sip Performance and a SIP T5 pipe.


Pleace notice that all of these pipes that we´re talking about work basically with this engine, it´s like hamer says a question of what you like.


Hi dude


I´ve just checked the online descrition of your purchsed exhaust.

The 20019 is definitly a PX200 pipe.




Sounds like its a 200 pipe alright mate, you won't make that fit a 125/150 based motor - the only option is to get it sent back and swapped - give the SiP shop a ring - its much easier than waiting on e-mails etc.

Thankyou so much for your input guys really helpful.....the guy who is setting all this up for me said go for the (sip NG) i like the look of that pipe as well !

So have you got the sip Ng for a 125px in stock ?

Hi dude - good choice [:P]


Of course:


The item codes are:








Pleace notice that not every of this pipes is in stock, watch out for the traffic lights, green means on stock, yellow and red means not in stock.



Thanks guys i have sent it back and they are exchane'ing it for me !

Now remember i have fitted a Malossa 166 kit stage 3 what be the right exhaust for this please....i carry a passenger a fair bit...have been told to get (20013T) what do you guys think ?


regards mark

The pipe you have mentioned is a pretty revvy expansion pipe (20013T is currently out of stock tho) , I would recommend  SIP0810 though - it will give you a much more even spread of power and excellent torque without the grounding risk of a Traditional  expansion pipe. It totally depends on your tatse I guess tho' ?