Please help me! Which Vespa is this 1954?

Dear friends,

I have a chance to buy this vespa to restore and care for. Can you please help me identify it, before purchase and help me determine the value. I am a happy owner of PX 150 arcobaleno. Should the frame number vin have prefix (version) of the vespa? What about the engine? I would guess this Vespa has been painted. Is the steering correct? Are parts genuine or does it look like it has been messed around?

The owner claims it is a 1954, 150 ccm. Frame number 065035, motor number 065305.

Is this something worth restoring or... See the pictures... Happy for any respond to email: [email protected] or whatsapp: +386 31 759 631

Thank you for any info,

Luka A.

According to the frame number I would assume it could be a 1958 Vespa 150 VB1. 
The frame prefix should be VB1T and the engine prefix should be VB1M.
It is unusual that there is no prefix. 

But on your pictures you see some details that should help:

First thing: You cannot determine if everything is in original condition, because the shift bar says "4-gear", but the engine's shift box shows that it is a 3-gear engine. Also the handlebar housing seems to be a 1 piece aluminium casting part with a clamshell-shaped speedo. An VB1 model should have been equipped with a rectangular speedo.

On the other hand you see details which can tell its a VB1
- this vespa originally came with 2 single saddles or 1 single saddle + a baggage carrier
- It's a so called wideframe model.
- The carburetor is a Dell'Orto MA19 
- It is equipped with 8" tires

Also intersting would be to know, where have you got the vespa from?


Thank you for the information.

I also did the research based on enigine number and came to conclusion that could be 58 or 59 Vespa 150 or VB1.

- The handlebar is not original.
- It seems like there are 2 separate saddles under the leather seat cover.

At the moment the Vespa is in partly disasembled state - the body without engine, engine without piston, wrong tail light, wrong handlebar, speedo, light. It has been repainted, I do not know when but it has been kept in dry garage so there is no rust, at least on the surface, even under the legshield, but I hope it is not full of filler once you remove the paint.

The Vespa is in Slovenia and has been imported 1986 - Yugoslavia. In the documents there is no prefix just numbers as I wrote before. 

Are all the part available online, like here on sip? For engine rebuild, rims, tyres,...?

The Vespa has a high price for my opinion and I want to know what do you think, as I am looking for a wide-frame project for quite some time now. I think the owner is ready to let it go around 2500 eur. What do you think?

Are similar projects easy to find, maybe in Italy? Do you maybe know someone or website where to search?

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Such projects are not easy to find, even not in Italy.


If you can get it and the parts seem to be in intact condition, it would a good find.




What is it worth? Not easy to answer.


Well, it has the worth according to what you are willing to pay.




But...IMHO... 2500,- EUR is definitely too much, for the following reasons:


- it is not complete and it is not running (for a complete Vespa of this age, with engine running & original paint and according to it's condition a price between 2000-4000 EUR is realistic).


- some parts are wrong


- The paint is ugly, it has to be removed and remade (whereas a good professional preparation work is the most important factor) to give this Vespa back what it's worth.


- Most of the parts are still available, but will cost some money.

- If you pay the owner something around 1000-1200 EUR, it would be adequate as far as I see. Remind: To get it in a nice condition it's a lot of work and will cost roughly between 1500-2500 EUR (according to my experience and to what I would imagine to do with it)



Yes, I only quoted the frame number because there is no prefix on the frame, neither is on the motor. Is this possible for some export models of Vespa - to come out of factory without prefix?





sorry, but you only quote the frame number, but the prefix in front of the frame number (something like VN1T or something like this)  is the more important information, because it determines which model you have.

Then it's very easy to see what you have (e.g. via



Thank you for a valuable infos, I will consider what to do next... the thing is I really like it and I can not find a project like this for a reasonable money... He wont let it go for less than 2500 eur  and that is too much :/

Hopefully I come around a project like this soon, if you know for one, please let me know.

Cheers and have a great weekend,


Hi Luka,

it is strange that there is no prefix and just the number.

For sure it was stolen many years before. There is no other reason to change the VIN.

As well it could be an import from Indonesia???!!! So I would say it is worth 500-800,--

It is hard to find old models. I was surching for 2 years. I found a VNA 1958 in Germany.

It cost over 3.000,-- EUR and actually i bought new materials for approx. 2.500,--

If I would calculate my time for restoring - it would cost [:)] 10.000,--

It easily takes 10 days (without bodywork and spraypaint)

Keep on surching then you´ll finde one!

Good luck!