Please help me tune my t5 24mm si g carb on px200

anyone please help me tune my t5 24mm si g carb on my px200, would there be any difference between my 24mm stock? please help anyone. thanks in advance.

I think he meant a 24mm from a T5!!!

To be honest a T5 carb will be a pain in the arse to set up on a P2,you’d be better with a 24/24 G.

Hi Tony,

Bolt it on and first use the larger main jet.I don't know the sizes,sorry. See how it runs.You'll probably have to dial in the air screw as well. And keep an eye on the colour of your spark plug.

Is this carb going on your new PX200 or your Mallosi engine.

As for the " Gillera optics light thingy" It looks good and I guess it will work. But I don't know what painted Carbon fibre looks like in the flesh.

Cheers Paul

hi juank, grimsey is rigth its a 24/24 si g carb…thinking its better than the stock 24/24 si e…i hope :frowning:

ah ok i think your rigth guys…thanks so much for the help. cheers

[quote user="JuanK"] 24/24 G.[/quote]


Typo^.I ment stick with the 24/24 E.

hi paul, yes im going to use it on my malossi px200, the main jet installed on t5 g slide carb is only 110, should i install the 130 main jet which im using on my stock 24mm that matches the 210 kit?

I just read what JuanK said… I definitely agree with him…

I reckon there are a lot less jets available for the 24/24G than for the 24/24E.
I believe it will be a pain in the @$$…