Pk50 xl 2 headset change

I have bought a PK 50 XL 2 for my wife and it has that horrible style big headset fitted. Can I fit the headset off an older style PK?

Cheers! Thanks for your help.

I’m not sure.

I think the XL fork column was longer and may have had a T5 like fixing on some model’s but I’m flying from memory here.

I’ve got a pair of XL and normal fork’s in the garage so I’ll check tomorrow to see if a headset will fit.

Alright,I’ve just checked.

The XL stem is about 25mm longer and is fully threaded up at the top.This wouldn’t be too hard to sort out in itself.

If I remember rightly the XL2 had a Cosa,or very similar, headset on it.Whether this had differant forks than mine I have no idea.

I don’t know if you’re intrested but I’ve seen a Cosa with a T5 mk1 headset grafted onto it which I thought looked good.I’ve no idea if that’s a straight swap though as I never spoke to the owner.

Basically the best place to ask about smallframes is here.

That’s the best chance of someone telling you one way or another.