Pk125ETS exhaust Leo Vinci or Polini

I’ve got a standard ETS set up, but my exhaust has blown.
I’m looking at replacing it with either the Polini PK-ETS exhaust or the Leo Vinci „secsys“.
Does anyone have any advice to which one works better with a standard ETS set up.
I might look into upgrading the barrel at a later stage also.

well you learn something new everyday mate [:D]

swings and roundabouts really with these two. Both produce nice useable spread of power for standard motors (better than standard pipes perfomance wise) personally i’d go for the polini on an ets purely based on appearance

I like the polini. Nice sound, nice power spread and cheap. What more you could ask.

ETS never carry spare’s Mike.[;)]

My only experience of PK’s was ETS’s, I was surprised to find out today that normal PK’s carry spare tyres PX style


Personally I’d get another standard.

As for you future tuning just how far are you going?

If you plan to do a reasonable amount I wouldn’t bother with either,just get a PM40(think that’s right,anyone?)

PM40 lovely pipe (agreed) but are you wanting to carry your spare under the panel?and how much wedge do you realy wanna spend?

\Thanks for the response.
\I think I might go for the Polini as I don’t seem to be able to find a replacement down pipe for the original exhaust, and money is a bit too tight at the moment to go for the PM tuning option.

Cheers :wink: