Marcus, Norbert, and Sip Company:

I have the opportunity to pick up a PK125 ETS in the states. I have a couple of questions for you:

What is the difference between the Malossi/Polini kits for the standard PK and for the PK125ETS/XL?

What is the difference between the Simonini Down&Forward exhaust kits for the standard PV/ET3 and for the PK1ETS/XL?

Is a full circle crankshaft available for the bigger XL/ETS crankshaft?

What is the best clutch setup to use? DO you sell reinforced 4 plate clutches for the ETS?

What kit would you reccomend between the DR/Malossi/Polini for good torque and speed (without sacrificing too much durability)?

How come german girls visiting the US don’t find scooters sexy?


All i will say is
the PK 125 ETS motor was the best small frame motor Piaggio made.
It came with a 20/20 carb ,high ratio gear box and sports exhaust.It was the first sports motor made by Piaggio since the SS90.The only reason it failed in the UK is cos the T5 was released the same time.
I fitted a PK 125 ETS into my PK50S at 16 yr old and never looked back!
All the lads who rode 125cc learner legal motor bikes(TZR,NSR and DT) thought my scooter was the dogs bollox cos it was so quick!
Then i built a P200E and they bought RD350 etc and i was pissed on! Oh well!