pk tyres

hi, can anyone tell me if there is any reason i should not replace the 300x10 tyres on our pk50xl with 350x10 tyres like we use on our px200? i just thought i would ask and see if its safe to do so? thanks

3.50's are too big, they won't clear easily. I'd suggest 90/90's which are in between 3.00 & 3.50. you might have to get a straighter spring for the back shock or move the metal ring inside the rubber bushing where it fixes to the engine to get enough clearance.

on one
 of my pk’s they rubbed the swingarm slightly but that was sorted by
 a thin washer on the studs my other
 pk had no bother at all

tried a 350 x 10 tyre on the back of mrs’ pk but its catching on something[:(]

i ran 3.50's on my pk, no worries :) the front tyre was close to the plastic cover on the spring, i just got a knife and cut a little dip in the plastic.. fine... you get a more stable bike and a few % more top end, its all good,