PK steering column for Super / Sprint Wheel offset by 2 - 3 Inches ? Pierre or SIP Tech please

Hey all, after a lot of engine modifications and tuning for Speed, I thought that I need to have stoping power... So, I bought a Grimeca NT disc brake set, one of the SIP modified forks (for "oldies" to run the disc brake) a PK Bitubo front shock etc. cost me around a grand... I spent the last two days, putting it all together, and now my front tire is off center to the right (if you are looking at the scooter from the front) almost 3 inches.  AND, the tire seems to be tilted to the left a bit.  I'm not concerned with the fender fitting properly (I know I need to modify it) but is the offset of the wheel correct.

My old fork was perfect and my tire was centered with the scooter body, now it's way off.  Is this just the way it is ?  is that the sacrifice I made for having a disc brake.

Pierre never mentioned anything about this issue.

Please advise... Thank you