PK Side Panel Door Catches


I’m trying to source the side panel door catches for a PK 125s. I have the barrels and locks but the catches were so badly rusted when I got the scoot that they fell apart when it was stripped!!

Can anyone tell me where to source these pieces - either from a shop or personal collection - purrleezzzzee getting desperate.

[:’(] [:(]

no help whatsoever to you, Isabell, cos I cant get to them, but I have a couple of sets that you could have had one of, sorry. But, if youre in UK, I would try the local scooter clubs first, then Pete Merchant at Solely Scoots, Revivals in Melksham, or Barry Turners. Good hunting.

Thanks anyway - tried local clubs but not many PK’s in Scotland! Have tried a few dealers but will keep perservering [:look:]