PK Lightened Flywheel for PX/PE

There are two keyway slots on this flywheel, which slot is for what model (PX/PE),  if you have the flywheel so the keyslots are at 4 and 8 o'clock.





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WOW was in Cardiff in May 1990 then was off to Beedspeed, back in those days no internet so everything was via telephone orders or a trip and since I was travelling over to the UK and Europe why not make some stops along the way.

The correct slot should be marked with dab of paint ??

Thanks mate I do appreciate the time and effort in helping me through this.  It so happens that it is the 4 o'clock slot that is correct.


Take care



No dabs of paint any other suggestions. Also can the flywheel be powdercoated ?

It will only fire up and run when fitted using the correct slot, and if the incorrect one is used the worst case scenario is simply having to pop it back off and change the slots - no damage can be done. Allow 10 minutes extra, you have a 50/50 chance of getting right at the first attempt mate. I would not powdercoat a flywheel , I am not sure what the charging process would do to the magnetism. Spray paint is the way to go on that I guess.

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Thanks lad I will have a look after the Hockey game cheers

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