PK-ETS standard carb

Hi, I need to adjust the idle on my PK125 ETS, as I have fitted a new exhaust (Polini PK-ETS) and my scooter seems to want to stall when I idle.
The scoot has the standard ETS carb (20mm I think) and I am not sure which screw is the idle. Also, I am having trouble finding a Haynes manual for my scooter.
Does anyone have any advice?

Ok, Cheers. Let me know if you have a look at the screws.
Unfortunately though, before I can sort out the carb I’ve got to get a new headset and throttle tube. As some Gitt knocked my scoot over, bending the throttle tube and cracking the headset casting.
Do you know if the bottom half of a PK headset will fit with the ETS headset cover?

They’re isn’t a Haynes manual,the only available is the pre-78 one which is pretty much as good as useless for smallframes.

The ETS carb is a 20/20,I’ll give mine a look later on as I haven’t been near it in ages to see if I can figure it out.

As ever,the best place to ask about smallframe issue’s is here.