PK-ETS Polini exhaust

/ Thanks to everyone for the advice on which exhaust to choose. I have gone for the Polini for my PK 125 ETS. I have fitted th exhaust and it seems like a good choice.
/ However, does anyone have any advice on how to ensure a good fit between the down pipe and the expansion box?

/ Thanks.

I agree. Your choice is probably the best considering that the original exhaust is no longer available.
The Leovinci is not better but better refined.
To prevent your new exhaust to shut itself (I hope this is the right verb because my English knowledge is limited) use 2 stroke oil for marine engines. It burns totally and is a very reliable choice. I use it since 1992 on my and other Vespas with excellent results.
Oh, by the way the other possible choice to substitute your old exhaust is to go for the Pk Xl 125 exhaust. The original is fine but the Sito version is better even if noisier.

Wil, how was the Polini to install? How does it preform?
I recently aquired an '84 - P125 ETS and want to change the exhaust system. There is little information and parts available in Canada as they were never imported in North America.

Any assistance or infomation would be greatly appreciated.

/ Hi, on the whole I found the Polini is a pretty ok exhaust. I found it a little bit awkward to fit and get a good fit between the down pipe and nthe expansion box. However, someone did suggest that the best way to get a decent fit is to put fit the whole exhaust onto the bike loosely, and then jiggle it about until you get a good fit and then tighten up all the fixings.

/ The exhaust performs well, although not really any better than the standard ETS exhaust. But then, you can’t really find a replacement ETS exhaust anyway.

/ Also, I have to keep my scoot outside on the road, and in the damp British winter I have found that surface rust has already started to build up on the Polini exhaust.

/ In hindsight, next time I might try either the LeoVinci exhaust. The Sito plus may also be an option as I have been told that they are a fairly reliable choice, and seeing as I got a puncture the other day having the option of carrying a spare might be quite nice.

/ Hope this helps.

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