PK Engine in PV

I have problems fitting the carb intake to a 3 hole PK engine into the PV125 frame. The manifoild does not fit the hole in the frame. Guess the hole in the PK frame for the manifoild is located a bit different ?

I have a Polini intake for 24 carb.

I know there is a solutinon for this, since many ride old Smallframes with PK engine. Possible using reed kit instead ?

Anyone knows whitch Kit to use ?





Im curently fitting an ets 125 engine (same style 3 stud manifold as pk)to my primmy et3 and had the same problem the only answer is to enlarge the hole in the frame to allow it to fit.


You can enlarge the hole in the frame. Another option is to buy both the reed kit for 2 and 3 hole. I think the mainfold for the 2 hole is a bit different, and if you use the reedblock for the 3 hole and manifoild for the 2 hole, it should fit. Have seen PV with PK reed engines in them without enlarging the hole in the frame. Will search further.

if you still have the pv cases just rebuild the whole internals into the primmy engine cases it all fits dont worry i’ve done it and all you’ll need to buy is a new manifold for the pv