Pk 80 need more power

im thinking of going for the dr 130cc kit & simonni pipe

,are they any good ??

also ive got a 26 mm mikuni off a rd 250 can that be fitted ???

I understand the dr kit's are good for 'just bolting on' you'll get a good power boost, but if you go for the polini and match the ports, then it will be much better. 24mm carb will be good (not sure about the one you mentioned - I'd get a dellorto myself). Also, you need a reinforced clutch and possibly think about an upgear kit, post a messge on the yahoo smallframes group about this, someone will let you know the best gearing option.

Polini 130 has the 2.56 (or 2,56 on the SIP site) upgear kit reccommended by SIP.

Plus upjetted 24 carb, racing / tuning exhaust and clutch.


I would love to know! - no one seems to know the answer to this one. its got a large crank, similar to the pk100/pk125 but i've asked  about the gearing on several forums, without success. vespa also sold a pk75 in spain i think, but thats an even greater mystery.


which primary gearing has the pk80s? z22/63 ? thanks…