pk 50 xl

I have got a pk50 (xl i think) and am looking for any advice on tuning. im looking to fit a115cc cylinder , crank up rating the gearing clutch and carbs please send any advice do’s dont’s ideas i read someware on the board about a 15 stoner getting 65mph out of a 50 special is that posible on mine ? [:drink:]

Depends on your budget then. Get hold of a PK100, or better a PK125XL, engine. Then Malossi 135, gear-up kit, 4 plate clutch, barrel induction reed-valve, full circle crank, 24-30mm carb, Decent expansion, 3.50x10 tyres f+r, Disc brake, Biturbo gas shocks, PK drop bars. GO PLAY!!. Cheapest performance? 115 kit on yours, or swap to 125 engine, depends on whats available at right price. Just looked back over you initial question, if youre going to change what you said, youre definately better off getting a bigger engine, better off with pk, but not critical, and better still a PK125XL due to the stronger crank/ taper thatll cope with a tuned malossi kit. Try Solely Scooters for complete engine, (If XL less flywheel and stator, use the 50 ones)

Your timing is brilliant, as the DOC is back, and he was the 15 stoner, (he’s 16 if he’s an ounce). I also have an unhealthy penchant for smallframes, ( Hey, Doc, we’d look pretty silly on a 50 special apiece these days, but I have this dream!) SO Aintgotaclue, several routes you can go, depending on budget and how legal you want to be, do you need to keep it 50"looking". The route you propose works, is quicker than you got now but may not, in the long run be the cheapest/ best/ most reliable. You can replace the engine for probably less and go to a 90/100/125 and keep it standard with greater options of tuning later on. You need to look at all options available before shelling out hard earned beer tokens. Is this your first scooter? If so, you’ll be hooked for life, and desire at least one smallframe in your stable permanently.

Here ,here what what what & a round of applause from the smallframe massive.

read it again coz the 15st fekker says what setup to use. cheap,simple and reliable.firstly if yor fat lose weight, that is the most common draw back to any scoots speed

Here ,here what what what & a round of applause from the smallframe.

Thanks makes more sense to go 125 route will try solley scooters for engine then will go from there will keep informed of progress all being well will make debut at I.o.W [:dance2:] [:drink:]

thanks for replying it is not my first scooter i also have a p125x pre mix model really p200 frame with 125 engine,stipped and lovingly resprayed last year then saw pk in paper and got it for asong. I used it when px was in bits but just dont have any Umph!!! but was great for chucking into corners(after a nice down hill run) so just wanted more speed .[:drink:]