pk 50 xl kit

can anyone give me advice on uprating my pk50 i've orderd a mallosi 115 kit, i've got a 19/19 carb & a leovinci exhaust, i'm not sure what i should change the spark plug to ? i'm also putting a 4 plate clutch on but leaving the gearing as i'm not after top end speed . would apreciate any extra advice cheers Tony.


No problem. Glad to help. Goodluck in your build up and more horsepower.

noooooooooo!!! don’t a 4 plate clutch! they’re poo’y pants crap. i don’t know of anyone who’s had any real joy with them, they’re a nightmare to set up and will drag alot which is horrible! you’re better of experimenting with uprated springs or double springs. don’t  buy crappy rms springs, make sure its a malossi spring. that should do it…

yes i found this out after fitting it !  went back to a three plate and a stronger spring much better and smoother action . ( sometimes you learn the hard way) mind you i can change clutches quick now.

Hi. Your Mallosi Kit should include detailed intstructions regarding assembly and suggested carb size or jetting, ignition timing, spark plug type, etc… so you should not worry about anything.

thanks for your advice i’ll wait for the kit to come.