PK 50 S electric issues

Dear Vespisti


I bought a PK 50 S scooter in the beginning of this year and have a couple of electrical issues.

the good: It starts on the first kick and it rides like heaven.  Blinkers do work (left & right) fine.

The bad: brake light, front+rear light, horn don't work

--> this is a version with a dual zener diode attached to blinker relais.

--> I think the stator plate is not correct: it has only 3 wires for auxillaries: green, blue and black.  The others are for the coil.

The scooter was a sort of mix and match from the previous owner.  I allready installed new: lights+clusters, new wiring loom, refitted all ground connections. Tested the lightbuttons on the handlebar.

The wiring loom has 4 wires for auxillaries: green, blue, black and yellow.  Green for ignition, black is ground, blue for blinkers and yellow for the lights/horn?

I tried to attach the yellow to the blue one, but, that didn't work.  I also can't read current with my multimeter, I think the scooter is fooling me. 

Any suggestions?

It's a scooter with kickstart and no battery. 

Can I install a regulator (3 connections) for the lights?  Can I connect my lights through this, without buying a new statorplate. and how should I fix it. 



It seems that you need to get a correct stator plate (green-blue-yellow-black) type OR Change the wiring to the type with a Regulator...


Your stator plate has correct wires:

green: to kill switch/ignition lock

black: mass

blue: to regulator (which should be original on your scooter). regarding to the idiot who owned it before there should be a regulator. You know where to look for it?...


It seems that you write a lot of stuff, but you should simply search the internet for a wiring scheme for your scooter.
you also said that you have done this & that, but it is not clear what you actually have done.

I cannot determine which kind of wiring loom you actually have - you just said " it's a new one...phew...

Normally you have a regulator which gets it's power by the blue cable which comes from the stator plate.
Attached to the regulator you have a grey cable (to brakelightswitch) and a green cable to the blinker relais - this cable ALSO leads to the light switch on the gas handle and supplies all other electric consumers (such as head light/rear light).