pk 200 xxl

									hey all i've recently put a standard p200 motor in one of my pk's<br>was running great for about 1 mth but on a long drive recently she started back fireing through the exhaust<br>if

i let off the throttle and then accelerated again,the short of the
story is that now she will start but if i open the throttle she
dies,but she will rev if i have the choke on(i had to drive home like
the exhaust is old standard and shite,
i dont have a snorkel on the carb,(sucking in dirt?)
i have rewired the stator(to mount the cdi under the seat,maybe the solder came loose on a connection?)
could any of the above contribute to the flamethrower??
if not anybody got some suggestions?a friend told me "your carb is f**ked,just get a new one"

p.s. thanks in advance guys!