piston rings

could any one tell me which way round the piston rings on yhe pinasco kit go is it big ring top small ring bottom and which way round the big ring gos thanks stocksmk1

its all rigth iv sorted it but having truble putting my sip perfomance back on dose any body else stugel getting there pipe back on

can any one tell me the way to install the 2nd piston ring in a pinasco 213 me engine is still in the frame i can get the 1st ring in but the 2nd just dosent want to fit on my 2nd set off rings because lost temper and broke 1st set please help me before it costs me more money

I found that the downpipe didn’t go all the way onto the exhaust stub as it is slightly tapered.

Don’t forget to drill a small hole in the top fin of the barrel for the second exhaust spring.


The thin one is the bottom ring and the thicker one is the top ring.

The thin locating section of the top ring (the part that fits in the piston) goes towards the bottom.

Hope this helps!