Piston Rings

I ordered 2 piston rings for my vespa 150, (LML but is the same as PX150) but their thickness is different. One is around 2 mm, second one around 3mm. Is that ok? or they need to be the same?


Thanks for answer!



here is a picture....



have you looked at the piston to see if the slots are diferent sizes.

I would send it back, because I think it must be both about 2 mm.

Hi dondy,

 I want to put standard piston 150cc from PX in my LML engine. Is it possible?

Did you had some answer for your question or did you put PX piston?  Because i figure the same problem now.




I don't know... just waiting for some expert to answer.... =(

No one to answer ??



What is the Item code of the Piston Rings ??