Piston pin removal!

next week i am getting a pinasco 215 cc kit for my px200.
i have an old px200 engine that i dismentaling it for learning.
i tried to pull out the piston pin that ataches the piston to the con-rod with no success.

i know that i could not tap it out with a hummer beacause the con-rod can be bent.

what is the best way to do it?

and if u have any more tips for this kit i will be glad to know!


Hi orenl, i’ve had the very same problem in the past. If you pour boiling water on to a small piece of towel or rag then wrap it around the piston this should give enough heat for removal of the pin as ralf has mentioned ,if not then a home made pin removal tool is required, this can be made using a long m8 bolt passed throu the piston then throu a deep socket then gently tighten up the nut you would have placed on the other end of the m8 bolt.

if i will use the hot water method,for how long the rag or towel should be on the piston?and after that i will be able to push it out with my finger?i don’t get it…

hope u can explain again

if your doing a lot, best to use this!http://beedspeed.com//product_info.php?cPath=76_93&products_id=249&osCsid=a782872f52d00ea105418b8c81224c10

(not sure link will work![:rolleyes:] )

i want to save the money and u send me somthing to buy…[;)]
nice tool anyway,i will think of a way buliding somthing similar myself,thanks anyway!

I agree, and use regularly, the method described by T5-190. Your spark plug socket should do the job. Hows your scoot/pipe T5-190 , and Jims new one??

Try with some gentle heating of the piston. Have you removed the circlips?

Gentle tapping of the pin wont do any damage. Use a socket, maybe 13 - 14 mm and have a friend to support the piston while tapping so there is less stress to the con rod.

i will try it when the kit will arrive and be back here if i won’t succeed…

any wd 40 or another silicone spray will help realsing it?

HI BEERACE the scoot is going just fine, me and Jim sent our pipes of to Midas touch to get them chromed and they came back last week , they look fantastic its almost a shame to put it back on but the misses is not pleased with it on the dining room table. I’ll email you some pics on and off the scoot. Its our Modrapheniacs Sandford rally at the end of the month and i’m sure it will cause some interest on both our scoots.