Piston for Pinasco 213 twin carb

Has anyone got/ can anyone tell me where to get one?–
A piston for a Pinasco 213 Twin Induction. Help please!!!
Can I use a piston from the latest Pinasco 213 kit?[:’(]

Its a kit that dates from the mid-80’s. Uses a standard Si24/24 carb and a SHB19/19 via a reed valve positioned on the barrel.
A *** nette Frau *** to set up. Mine went like stink and sounded awesome with a JL RH exhaust, but I had the compression too high, it also needed a fuel pump, and could’nt get the mixture rich enough mid range. Now I’ve got no piston.

What do you mean by twin induction??

Heard about it, but would like to know what it is…[:)]


What kind of gasoline do you use on your Pinasco?
Just curious, because I have had some problems with pinking, running on 95 unleaded. It runs better on 98 leaded (hard to get though…)

I have heard that engines with high compression need higher octane?

Have you tried http://www.vespa.allhere.com/.

They seems to have some.