Piss funny article in today's Guardian




They don't seem to get that a moped is 50cc and anything above that requires testing & training.

Nor do they get the point that a scooter will not be sat belching out emissions in a traffic jam like a car will!

Still they did publish a nice picture of an ET3!


Those fucking Tories still don't get it, do they?I've been away from the UK since 1999, so forgive me for my ignorance but aren't most modern scooters 4 strokes? And surely the emissions- read - clouds of choking blue smoke is nothing compared to a 3.5 litre Chelsea tractor. etc etc

I Fucking Hate Tories


fucking muppets. They’ll never learn. Flawed research and half truths as usual.
Why do they think bikes are EXEMPT from the congestion charge? Its for a very good reason…