Pipe for a PX 200 E

Hi from Spain:
I have a PX 200 E, with an exhaust Polini (too noisy) , Polini Kit 210 and a carburetor oval carburator 28/30. What exhaust will you recomend me?

Thank you.



and you get the most power with it




New are our performance new generation exhausts- they are modified and gives you 1ps more than the old ones- check it out



What type of pipe you want? Do you want a pipe that makes your setup revvy? or do you want a more tourer setup? and regarding sound do you want it very quiet? or don’t mind if its a bit louder?

Here is a good link with the different pipes available for PX200.


RZ Right hander is best bet if you want to keep spare tyre on.

I want a more tourer pipe and  it will be better not too loud.

Thanks for the link. SIP looks like the one. But what about the spare tyre?

Maybe RZ Mark One?

With the new pipe have they revised the sections of the pipe? Is it a boost in 1 PS for whole power curve or more peaky? Could you provide some dyno graphs for the new pipes [:)]