Pipe confusion

Original von Richie Rich: If you get a Scorpion in the UK it will not fit a fat tires but the ones you can get in Germany will fit ok, the down pipe and mounting bracket are different so they will fit. Richie Rich

Is this really true? If so, then I assume German Scorpion won’t fit with spare tyre? Oh please tell me what pipe should I choose for standard PX200 if I want to keep spare wheel and centre stand. Scorpion from SIP = no spare wheel? SIP = no spare wheel? RZ right hand = will not pull with standard cylinder? PM evolution = will not pull with standard cylinder? I am all confused. About RZ right hand some say besides that its power band is narrow but test in Vespa PX200 performance exhaust test says something else. Decent exhaust test on standard P2 with all todays good pipes would be great.
Any recommendations?

rudie,before you get carried away spending a fortune on a big pipe why do you want one? what is your engine setup?.big pipes are really for big engines,if you have a standard motor and want to carry a spare but want better performance the best you can expect is from the sito plus.if you want a seriously fast motor that will require a big pipe the skies yer limit

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

SIP sell two pipes, a pipe that fit’s with spare wheel and one for wide tyres.probably the same with the scorpian.
Sorry can’t help with what pipe as Ive never had a standerd p2[:D]
but it seems that most people have trouble getting thier pipes to pull fourth .
good luck!