Pinking Pinasco 225

Hi everybody,
I recently bought a Worb5 "Zylinderkopf PX 200, 69,5 mm, 0,0 mm Pinasco " at SIP scootershop for my pinasco 213 kit, longstroke mazzucheli crank, 1.5 base gasket, standard 24 carb, 125 main jet and sito plus exhaust.
I moved the stator in the midle of A and IT marks, then just on the left of the IT mark (what it is supposed to be 19º).
The bike goes very well but it pinks a lot, specially it starts at about 70-80 km/h when you cut off gas, and also when you pull on gas again. Once it starts it doesn't stop.
I bought a specially modified head to stop pinking, as sip advise in their web.
I have tried 128, 122 mains, 150 air corrector, 140/50 and 140/52 idle jets. I am using  bosch silver W3CC and W4CC.
98 unleaded instead of 95.
Castrol TTS syntetic oil, autolube.
Nothing stops the pinking.
What could I do?
Move stator mark more to the right? Some people recommed to move it even more, even file the holes on the statro plate to alow it to move further to de right! So 16º!!!!!!!!! What degreeº it is correct?
Put a head gasket? (I have a 1.5mm base gasket).
Add oil also in the petrol tank?
Any advise concerning jetting?
Please help me!
Thank you in advance!

I have seized the engine this morning !!!

Sorry to hear that bro. What happened?

hi mikosa

-put your timing at IT mark

-2% to 4% 2t oil in every liter

-set your air screw mixture to 2 and 1/2 turns out, then plug chop on close to 1/4 throttle

-set your needle in the middle then plug read again at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle 

-replace your 130 t0 135 main jet then plug chop at wop throttle on 3rd gear, you should get a nice brown color.

always experiment your on your set up till you get it right. hope this helps.

*btw do you have the 1.5mm base gasket?



Also, never trust the timing marks! use a strobe! there is two diffrent flywheels with timing/woodruff key in a sligtly diffrent place.fine if you can tell that the scoot has not been played with,but older scoots have been in the hands of people like me!!

have you tried leaving petrol cap off?(some seats block airhole)



What jetting?

Main 128 , idle 36, needle JJH, clip position




Hi I run a pinasco 213 with a mazz 60mm crank, dellorto 30mm carb, mallossi reed and RZ evo pipe on my cosa 200. The carb runs on AV262 atomiser, 50 pilot, 130 main and ignition timing is around 20degrees( in between A and IT). Its a bit lumpy on bottom end and never needs choke to start but soon clears giving great accelleration and reasonable top speed. The problem is the pinking on motorways at about 60mph. Im a bit worried about overheating or seizing. Can any one offer advice???



As I said at the begining I seized my first pinasco kit. I gave it a second chance and I bought a second one. I have also the mazucceli long stroke.

To finish with pinking I did:

Ordered a Worb5 head. I sent an email to Andreas Worbel asking if it could be possible to make it from a new malossi head, that now has an o-ring. He did a great job!!! No more pinking.

I installed a "keihin" PWK 30 oval. No autolube, premix. Castrol TTS 2%.

I fitted a new SIP performance ng exhaust.

Timing 19º aprox. Between A and IT marks.

Spark Bosch silver 3.

Now I can tell you that I am very happy about how the engine runs. Cruising: 90-100 km/h. Top Speed: I don't know, more than 120 km/h that the speedometer shows; 130km/h???. Of course speedo numbers, no real ones!!! Very good torque, very nice to ride!!!

Hope this could help someone.


turn stator as far clockwise as poss and try a 132 or 135 main jet, be5 emulsion tube, also check compression isnt above 120psi running pressure

[:D]  lol!

how are you? don't see many of the old crowd on here anymore[8-)]

Thank you for your comment,

For the moment I don't want to change the exhaust, I like to keep the original look as much as possible, for that reason I use the sito plus.

Any more help??

Hi. Nice set up you got there. Have you tried replacing your exhaust to a more free flowing one? I think the Sito Plus is restricting your engine. Hope this helps.

Have you tried checking squish clearance (1.0 - 1.2 mm) ?

cheers, thank you, and yes i have the 1.5 mm aluminium gasket.

ha ha I put a big hole in my piston at about 80mph, it was fun for a while. time to start again. Also the crank im using is not reed valve type, could this be a problem???

oi slidy, who you calling an ahole?