Pinasco setup

Had the following kit in the LML 125 for a few weeks now, thanks to Adrian and Curare for getting me going:

Pinasco 177
SI 26/26 with 190 air corrector, BE4 mixer, 125 main
timing set at 20 deg btdc
Sito plus
B9 plug

Initially thought that the 125 main would be rich but plug electrode is brown so have stuck with it. Advanced the timing slightly to 20 and have checked it with strobe. Question is should the timing marks align at tickover or cruising speed rpm? As it is at tickover the flywheel mark aligns with the „IT“ mark on the casing at tickover and then advances towards the „A“ as rpm increases. I suppose that the ignition is supposed to auto advance in this way but if someone could confirm it would be helpful.

Also, when the bike pulls away from standstill it stutters slightly, initially, as the throttle is opened and then accelerates smoothly to full throttle. Maybe my carb setup could be better? Just unsure of what to change. The kit is just about run in now, I’ve had it slightly over 60. It’s crying out for longer gearing but that can come later.

As usual, all advice much appreciated. AK

Thanks again Curare, I had been going 1/4 turn at a time after reading the Haynes manual but I’ll go down to 1/8 and keep trying it. Very pleased with the performance though. Blows the socks off the standard set-up.

Owe you loads of beer. AK

Hi AK, when you have run the kit in a bit i would recommend some dyno time to get the final set-up. I don’t know where you are but I recommend trying Revival Scooters, take it to Vespadoctor and Piggy to give her the finishing touch.

Hi Ade, probably a good idea to get the setup right. I live in Dartford so a bit of a trek but maybe I could do their open day as part of a weekend away. Could be interesting if I can find an interesting route away from the M25 and M4. I saw the Doc and Piggy in Scootering this month straightening out a Vespa frame with a dodgy paint job! They obviously know their stuff. The scoot’s done about 500 miles now, 300 of these with the kit on so not far away from run-in now.


timing at tickover when set well and the engine runs at a regular beat, or on very slight open throttle.

For the stutter when you pull away you have to set the air screw to have the fastest engine response. In your case try to open 1/4 then try if enough. If not enogh give another 1/8 or 1/4 turn.