pinasco set up

need info on set up for the pinasco 177 kit for the px 125,running a polini pipe,and a 24m 200 carb check it out a few really good bargains!but any way,can any one tell me the jetting and timing for this set up on the 125,would say the main would be about a 118,maybe a be4,but thats all i would hazzard a guess to. o ps is it worth while drilling the air flter hole a little larger?

Hey stubbsy

where did you buy your pinasco kit? and how much?

I need one for my px125 project.

good man will try today if my jetting order from beedys arrives

I’m runniong this set up but with a SIP pipe. Right on with the BE4, 160, 118, I think.

I have not drilled out the hole at all. It runs pretty well.

Sounds good, that alu cylinder will cure your overheating problems. Whats the performance like? My project machine has what looks like a DR 177 kit, piston is dead and it needs a rebore, cost to fix around £70, so I thought I would just buy a new kit, and I defo do not want another cast iron sieze machine.

mtl ma man were have you bin???you finaly got your head out them books??? rite,kit was purchased from rollerzentale at a very very keen price of 186es delivered to my out about £ said before ordered on a thurs afternoon at my door step on tues lunchtime!!! now beat that for service!still waitin for a price from sip<2 weeks ago> but you no the dealings weve had in the past so not a suprise really.quality is fantastic mate,big crome piston and the barrel is as lite as a feather.this should sort out the old px.not to worry cause its nearly t5 season! ring them up and ask for christof,really spot on bloke,and very friendly.even phones you on your mobile to tell you things r ok! speak soon mate [:O]