Pinasco Running In

A few weeks ago I fitted the Pinasco 215 kit with Worb5 head, after a bit of fine tuning every thing has bedded in nicely.
Plug chop comes up a strong cafe latte, no pinging and smooth strong torquey excelleration
I am now up 250 kilometers and wonder if this is enough of me being relatively gentle with it, or should I give it anouther couple of hundred K before I return to my usual riding style[:D]


if your carb set up, ignition timing and spark plug grade is correct and you have checked your squish band then go with confidence.
Problems comes from a wrong set up and not from not enough km of running in.

Thanks Curare,
Squish is 1.6mm, alternating between B8es plug around town and Freeway, B9es for the trip this weekend. Timing is on the conservative side at 20degs (Pinasco suggest 24degs but I feel that might be with the long crank set up) Compression works out between 10:1 and 11:1
I used a 0.6mm base gasket and no head gasket.

If that all sounds OK I will take her for a 400K spin this weekend, put the GPS on and see how she goes