pinasco probs

fitted a 177 pinasco to ma px 125,was running the standard 20 probs.have now fitted a 24 of a p2 runs sweet but will not start from cold when choke is 20 kicks.will start with no choke,no throttle,and leave to sit for a few momments to tick over.set up is a 160,be3,118,20 degrees,1and half turns mix.o engine will not die when mix is fully closed.any sugestions.choke is workin when engine is runnin but doesnt really kill the engine.hope its not an air leak!

Try cleaning the choke jet, or try using the choke jet from your si20/20. Dunno if that will work, but its gotta be worth a try.

[:angry:] still no good.starts a bit better but not as it should,would it maybe b timming or should i use the idle jet from the 125?when it is started from cold it will tick over very high for a few mins then drop down.pullthe choke when warm and the revs pick up and wont die!wen mix screw is rite in the revs pick up and there is no flat spot when blipping the throttle if you no what i mean as in runnin too weak.what the hell is wrong.on the road it runs perfect plug is nice too/.i really dont want to use the 125 carb again. thanks in advance, ian[:angry:] [:angry:] [:angry:]

That scoots not ready yet, still needs a respray and loads of other little things including a bit of welding. The 180 kit runs, just had to buy new rings. The DR kit came with the scoot and was siezed after being in a shed for 10 years. I was thinking of buying a Pinasco, but at £10 for a set of rings the price was right, so Im sticking with it for now. No runs for me until Uni finishes in early June.

[:dance1:] sorted,choke jet was blocked solid.its always the simplest of things eh!stupid ----!should have checked it in first place!o mtl the choke jets r all the same for 125,t5 and add that to your your little black o by the way how did the 180 kit go?r u goin to morcambe or iom? cheers mate