Pinasco pipe or something else?

At the moment this is my setup:

DR177 with a polini head, ports matched and welded, Dellorto 28mm and a scootrs pipe. I’m running this setup with a VLA-engine with 23/64 gearing (final ratio somewhere in between px125 and px200)

I’m not too happy with with the power down low with this pipe. Some people have recommended the Pinasco pipe as a good alternative. And I like the look of it too… [:)]

With this setup I have also tried a Sito+, a simonini and a Scorpion pipe (without restrictor). The power from the Scorpion pipe was similar to the scootrs, but not as peaky and noisy. The sito had way more power down low and the simonini was ok, but a little noisy. The biggest problem was the silencer that kept hitting my cowl.

Now what I would like is something in between the scorpion and the Sito+. How does the pinasco compare? I like the sound of the scorpion, not too noisy or high pitched, but not the fact that it is a little weak down low and that it is a left hand pipe.

This winter I am also going to open up the ports in my DR-cylinder like this guy has done (hence my 28mm carb):

How does this change the powerband? Mostly down low or mostly high up in the revs?

Thanks a lot for any opinions or ideas.


The Scorpion without the restrictor is supposed to be the same as the JL-pipes. At least, that is what I have been told. Could someone confirm that for me?

The scorpion wasn’t too bad, but I’d prefer more torque down low than that. And another annoying thing with it was that it kept hitting my glovebox everytime I hit bump. (I’ve got a 64 GL)


I’m not familiar with Pinasco pipe’s at all so I couldn’t comment.

Expansion wise you could look at JL pipe’s,either the LH RZ item or the RH version.Both are ment to give a healthy torque out-put for a tuning system.

GOTCHA, thanks [:dance1:]

Hi Mk111, can you explain what you mean by ports matched and welded, what do you weld? Thanks[:bounce:]

The VLA-engine has only two ports originally, so I had to weld on som extra aluminium to be able to cut out the third port.

In the same way, I have to weld on some extra material around the two other ports to be able to open them up and match them to the opened ports on the DR177 cylinder…