Pinasco pinking

177 kit. seems fine on aceleration but at a steady rev pinks its nuts off.

mtl hows it goin?roughly about 55 with standard gearing. dylan, 118 main,standard carb, chrome simonini, retarded timeing to about 18 degrees and not as bad but still there.sittin say 55 60 about quarter throttle,give it a little bit more and pinking goes away, or i just cant hear it.had the same with the polini thats why i got the aluminium pinasco for its cooling characteristics!!!

yeh head came with it.took it to work last nite to c how its goin.hasnt moved since morecambe.took it about 50mph work is about 12 miles away.checked plug in work.loverly choc brown.thrashed the shit out of it on the way home,checked plug and was a bit weak,no where near the colour it was for pinking it really seems to be when you let the throttle off a shade after a high rev and hold it steady,acelerate again and it goes away,must be jetting mtl,what do u think?its nearly there but not quite spot would not run properly at all with both 24m carbs, the choke wouldnt work and it held hi revs when u stopped,took about 20 seconds for them to drop!

pinking when backing off the throttle happens on standard bikes as well but look at your jetting,also you need to adjust the timing for a cooler run works everytime but is often overlooked but you will benefit a great deal

What sort of speed are you doing? Are you using standard gearing?

If I remember rightly the kit comes with a head? If so it wont be that, Id take a look at the jetting on the carb or look for an air leak. Did it do the same when you had the SI24 on? BTW if you use octane booster it makes the fuel more combustable so is more like to pre combust, try it with a tank of 95 unleaded only.

My machine also pinks when I let the throttle off a bit or when going down a slight incline. However, on the flat at steady revs it does not pink. If I run full throttle all the time it never pinks. I used to have a problem with pinking but since I have played around with the jets and have now used the scoot at 70-75 for 50miles a day, and put a fair few thoundsand miles on it, the problem has gone. Its just a matter of trial and error to get the jetting right, try going up one point at a time to try to cure it. Does it make any difference to the pinking when you ride it on cold days?