Pinasco or Malossi - Which kit without porting?

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Im in the debating stages of which kit to purchase and would like some insight on the following;

Firstly, I looking to build a reliable tourer.
The parts I have and will be using regardless due to budget are:
1974 Rally 200 cases
Mazzuchelli race crank 57mm stroke
Sito+ or standard exhaust
Standard carb
Standard gearing but I do have a T5 4th gear if it would suit this set up better
Cosa clutch
12v PX200 stator, cdi etc
Flywheel with electric start cog removed - lighter!

My main qusetions are:
If I get this kit, to what extent would I have to alter the crankcases? I don't mind filing down the transfer ports if needed but I'd rather not have to have welding and machining done, which I'm sure the Malossi would need for sure. Is this correct? Please remember I'm not looking to break any land speed records.
Can I simply bolt this on?
Could I get away with not doing any crankcase work? In case I want to revert back to standard barrel etc. If so, How would that effect the perfermance of this kit?
Has anyone had any 'dependable tourer' experience with the Pinasco kit lately? I figure because of the mid range power in the Pinasco that it would probably suit me better than the higher revving Malossi. Is that correct? How would that effect the 4th gear dilemma? Any comments?

With that said, I may try to stretch the budget to a long stroke crank, if it seems a worth while investment. Any comments?

I have to say that I've heard nothing but good reviews for the Malossi. Many from our friends here at SIP too. But my main concerns are as mentioned above, crankcase work. Something I don't want to do.
Do I need to widen the crankcases mouth, as well as do the porting, for it to fit?

Can this even be bolted onto a standard set of cases? And the Pinasco for that matter, is that a simple bolt on?

Would it actually be any better than standard without porting and no bigger carb and no performance exhaust?

Is it actually worth buying the Malossi kit if I do not want to go all the way with porting, milling etc. and not fitting a high performance exhaust and no bigger carb ?

Any comments about this dilemma welcome.

After many (maybe too much!) discussions I've opted for the Pinasco for various reasons.

If you want to know those reasons get in touch.

I hope i don't regret not buying the extremely popular Malossi.

Pinasco kits are excellent tourers but go longstroke with your crank [;)]



I agree with Hamer !

Pinasco with longstroke is like a bulldozer [H]