Pinasco on Elecrtic Start PX200E

Hi Iam wantin to buy a pinasco kit for my electric start PX200E does any one know if it will work without any modifications to the electric start. Ihve read the post from the lad who has fitted one to his Px200, he took the starter ring off the fly wheel and now it will not start. Did he do this because it obstructs the barrel skirt going down into the cases? any help would be well appriciated thanks[:dance3:]

On some of the aftermarket kits such as polini, they were designed before the electric start models were introduced. When fitting one of these kits there is no need to take off the ring gear, you just have to skim a little metal off of the side of the barrel at the bottom where it goes next to the ring gear, if I remember rightly it is only about 2mm. I did this with my polini and it only took 2 mins with a grinder with no problems. The malossi kit does not need this modification as it was designed with the electric start in mind, so if you are worried go for the malossi.

[:look:] Thanks for that I think I will try the skimming idea on the pinasco kit as I have been told that the pinasco kit is the best one for the PX200.[:dance3:]

the pinasco is a good kit for the p2 as no casing porting required to get the best out of it but consider sip,s recommendation of a long stroke crank for your motors longevity.well worth the trouble[:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:]