Pinasco kit, what´s wrong?

I´ve just mounted a Pinasco 215 kit, 60mm worb5 crank, 1,5mm base gasket and I´m not sure if I´m doing it right.

When I mounted the engine everything look fine, but now I´ve mounted it in the frame and with the spark plug on, the kickstarter is much harder, there is quite a lot compression now. If I release de spark, the engine rotates smooth again.

I´m afraid to damage the kit and the new crank if I try to start the engine as it goes now.

Any ideas of what am I doing wrong?[[:O]]


Sounds right to me, you should have very good compression if it is new.

Sounds like it set up right, when using a long stroke Crank and a bigger Cylinder kit the compression is increased.

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The starter motor on an e start model can cope can’t it? I never thought of that when I bought my kit.


if you fit the kit with longstroke and a base gasket you shouldn’t have more compression then the kit with standard stroke. If you fit it with a head gasket, that in my opinion is the best way for a pinasco, yes you will experience much more compression.

Check the squish band.

…when you talk about a lot of compression is in comparison with a standard barrel or with the same pinasco kit with normal stroke?


if the compression is in comparison to the standard, yes it isnormal that it is higher.

For your need it would be better to use a suitable head gasket of correct diameter. (then you will experience even more compression).

The timing you are using is a little too low for the pinasco, you could move the ignition plate another mm to get to around 20 or even 21, then is a question of feeling, but if is your first kit it is better you get it pass the strobo test at least to give you a sure starting point.

The correct grade of spark is also important. You could use the grade 3 bosch or 8 NGK.

As far as the carb set up it will be different if you are going to use a head gasket from the base gasket.
Changing the jet before trying is a sure way to get confused. So it is better you decide if you want to go for the head gasket option, then (if you go for the head gasket option) get a 128main jet (get some spare as 125 and 130), put back the standard slow and corrector you got with the carb and then considering what you will have it will be easier to do the needed correction.
Of course you will have to do the standard check for carb set up, feeling how your engine is rev. and checking the plug with the plug chop technique because if not you will have just an average reeding that would not mean anything.
You could have a correct set up for the low and mid and be lean at high rpm but since you ride not too often at high rpm your plug won’t show it.

The Sito plus is louder then the standard exhaust, so it is normal.

I´m not sure, mine isn´t elestart,

Only I can say is that if the engine is just in compression when you try to start it with the kickstarter, then is reeeaaally really hard [:itchy:]

Hi Curare

I find quite more compresion in comparation with my used and sized original engine.

This is my first time tunning my vespa.

Do you think a head gasket would have been better? I want a better mid range than top speed because I´ll use it daily and mainly in city streets.

I´ve also mounted a Sito Plus, instead of the original, so maybe that´s another reason to find more compresion and a louder engine in idle? (

And, as far as I´ve been reading your great posts in this forums, I´ll like to ask you for the jetting:

I´m starting with the original SI24 following a mix of what I´ve read, that´s a little contradictory: I´ve changed the Air Corrector to a 190, I mantain the BE3, and I´m starting the main in 135. I´ve also changed the idle jet to a 50/140, that´s 2,8.

I don´t have a strobo (i wouldn´t either know to use it) so I´ve set the timing a little more advance than the 125 mark, should be something near 19º

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
Regards from Spain

Yes, both of you are right.

I little bit scary I decide to turn on the key and after just a single (but really hard, my foot still hurts ) kick, the engine start running really nice.

Now I have to do the jetting, but this another tale.

Many Thanks

Now All you need Is a Decent Pair Of Boots to Kick it Over the Scooter With[:D] [:D]