Pinasco kit in SS 180 motor

Does anybody know if you can fit a kit designed for a P200 into an SS 180 motor? If so what mods need to be done to make it work. If not what else can be done to the 180? I know you can bore it out to fit a P200 piston but I was looking for something a little bit wilder!


Hi Jesse,

this won`t work because the common racing kits are only for P-range Vespas with a rotary valve inlet!

You could fix a PX engine or you could rebore your stock barrel to fit a bigger piston. You could use a P200 piston or the best will be to use the piston from a Honda MTX/MBX 200. Further you could some portings to the SS cylinder and you will get a lot of performance more! The job with the PX engine will be much simpler (just plug & play!!)

Best regards,

Markus[:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:]