Pinasco ignition timing

Anybody here that have some experience with the Pinasco 213 Kit???

I am trying to set the ignition timing, but I dont know where its supposed to be according to the marks on the stator plate and engine casing… I’ve heard that the Mallossi kit is set to 18 deg BTDC. But I cant find any information about the Pinasco kit…

Thanks for any information!!


Depending on your setup, with a standard crank (57mm), you are looking at 23.25 degrees.

If you need more infos about the pinasco 213, let me know.



My experience is: between the A and IT marks, so between 23º and 18º. I guess it will be about 20-21º. I have a Pinasco 213, longstroke, worb5 special head, 1,2 mm base gasket, SIP exhaust lefthand and 30mm PWK. With this ignition time I can cruise about 100-110 km/h with no piston hole problems! Before this setting I seized one Pinasco kit!




I made the adjustments yesterday, and now it’s much better

I got different advice to set ignition on my scooter with Pinasco 213 (motor stock with SI24 carb but with SIP pipe).

  • SIP says : „120-130 main jet, BE3 atomiser, ignition 17°“.
  • Scooter Center says : „122-125 main jet, BE4 atomiser, 190 air jet, ignition 20°“.
  • says : „24°“ (but with stock pipe I suppose)

Nico74, si tu as des conseils, you’re welcome…


Just did a temperature test with the spark plug, that timing seems a bit hot? But that rocks until the piston feels it too much.
I am still going to try with a cooler spark plug B9 HS probably.
I have changed it to 20-21 degrees so far and that is much less torque.

The test shall carry on


can you post it here please (the timing set tab)? many thanks!!

If you are running at 23 degrees do a few plug chops to make sure you are not running too hot. On some other kits 23 degrees with put a hole in your piston.

Got a table from the french vespa forum in a discussion.
Send me your email address at [email protected] if you need it.
I am a t the moment running 22.5 to 23 degrees with my pinasco with a long stroke and 1.5mm gasket under cylinder.
It seems to run fine so far.