Pinasco head Rally 200

I will soon purchase the Pinasco kit 213 for my rally 200 (12v ducati conversion) but would this head...

be any better than the supplied Pinasco head?

Set up is for touring, not racing

I already have/will use;

Mazzu race crank 57mm stroke
Lusso gearbox
Standard carb
(I'm open to suggestions about which carb to use or which jets to change but it must look standard!!)
Does the T5 carb fit straight in a Rally Air filter box? As I've heard this could be a good one to use??? Any comments anyone?
Cosa clutch

PX Flywheel w/o electric start corona

Standard exhaust but will buy a Sito+ when funds available (To keep it looking original)




I have a Pinasco fitted on my px200. I opted for a long stroke cranck which makes a very torkey and very nice touring machine.  I also had this MMW head but I had lot of pinking problems. I finally emailed adreas worbel at worb5 and asked him to make me a head for my pinasco. I asked him to use a new malossi head because it has the o ring gasket. After that no more pinking. I also had the sito plus but I found the kit wasn't breathing properly so I changed it to a SIP performance. I use a pwk 30 carb and it works very well, smooth!!! Anyway I think that I had a 125 main jet in the standard carb before changing it and you also should make a hole on the air filter avobe the top of the main jet.


I hope this helps you.



Yes a great help thanks

I think with my 57mm crank, that a shorter stroke would help with any potential pinking problems due to among other things, a larger squish band.

The head I'm reffering to, for me, was for a short stroke crank.

Maybe the head you wanted/have is another variation by MMW on the standard, such as;

Which one did you order as there at least 8 different heads for the 200 from MMW!!

Confusing or what.

I'd still like to find out if there is anything 'wrong' with the supplied Pinasco head

when using a short stroke crank.

Anyone have experience when using a standard or short stroke crank with either of these heads?

And whether the MMW head listed above (.../1301965) has any advantages over the supplied Pinasco.

Or indeed if any of the other 8 x heads would suit me better!

Thanks again Alberto,





I got art. 13013960 , head for longstroke (60mm). The other one: 13013965 is for use with normal stroke (57mm). I used first of all the pinasco head and it was pinking a lot (I think that it not well designed and has a huge compresion), with the MMW head, things got better but still had some pinking. The solution was the Worb5 head. You can visit his web and contact him to ask him in order to make a head that suites well your engine configuration.



Hi dude


i agree that Worb5 makes good cylinderheads, but please notice that quite often also an assembling fault can be the reason of the "pinking"







I'm trying to get some help with my recently installed Pinasco 215 kit on my 1980 P200E.  I'm using the standard stroke, 24 mm carb, SIP road exhaust, current main jet is 130, w3cc spark plug and mixing oil to gas at 3%.  It is pinking at idle speeds and in fourth gear.  The squish seems quite high as you must know.  Any thoughts would be very helpful.  Grazie e ciao



The 'standard' Pinasco head that is supplied with the kit should work just fine for your set-up .