Pinasco head 213


which head is most suitable for my Pinasco 213cc, there are 2 x listed for Pinasco 57mm crank;

Cylinder head MMW PX200 PINASCO

213cc -07- with POLINI"-piston



Cylinder head PX200 215cc

Art.Nr. 43322850

I have the newer pinasco kit with 2 x rings... is this the polini piston version???

Which one do i need/is best for my set up...

57mm race crank

24mm carb ( up jetted)

sito + or original exhaust - *(when can i get a sip road exhaust???)

any advise on setting this up (what timing, jetting etc) would be appreciated.

hey stevie, check this out...

did i really start this project that long ago?!

A few people praising the worb5 head! thats the way to go i imagine



  i just had a look at the head you bought and indeed i believe you are correct, it looks to be the preferred choice.

i would imagine that the 210cc reference is a minor oversight. the diameter is more important. whats more, the description on the scooter center site is much clearer and gives me much more confidence in  buying that one...(whats the betting they're the same head anyway!!!??)

I'm just waiting to do a dry fit with the pinasco kit to measure the squish etc. i may then get one made...unless you can tell me that this head works like a dream throughout the rev range.

i think i'm reading that right by saying that the 57mm crank would not need a 1.5mm gasket, whereas the 60mm stroker crank would need 1.5mm gasket?

it mentions 1:11 without gasket...slightly too much in my opinion for the type of engine i want (a long distance tourer) I plan to aim for closer to 1:10, which is closer to the original ratio of both the pinasco and piaggio heads.  Interestingly, the SIP MMW head has 1:10.5! choices, choices.

what set up are you planning/have you got? do you have the newer 2 ring pinasco too? I have the pinasco head aswell but im not expecting much from it.

 ive read, with confusion, that the pinasco kit was, at one time, sold with a polinni type piston and later with a polinni piston. Im not sure how to identify, exactly which one i have!? Im still a little confused by all that. this is why i was asking which head is right as sip mentions the polinni piston.

what i do know is that id like a head which has been shaped to my piston, with around 1:10 ratio and no gaskets and a squish of around 1.6mm!

for your amusement only.....

im trying to keep mine looking as standard as possible, so no big exhaust or carb for me.

On my rally 200 i will have/have got :

mazzu race crank 57mm, pinasco piston barrel, modified head t.b.c., cosa clutch (beautiful compared to the old style) Lusso gearbox with standard gearing. upjetting, i have standard exhaust which has been just fine - a sito + which although it gives me another 10kmph i still hate the look and the noise (it also hangs too low on my rally frame), i have standard looking uprated shocks rear and front, conti navigators to keep it all the road.

I'll try getting hold of Larocca, he knows his onions and has been a great help in the past.

good luck with your project and with getting a reply!


i had the same problem,just bolted a standard 200 head on ,no pinking, a little slower as less compression, but its a tourer not a racer

hi steve.

hows the pinasco going. i hope you're having better luck than me with the kit.


here's what ive found so far on my kit

after finally getting the engine together and bolting on the pinasco cylinder i looked at the exhaust port and how far the piston travels.  to my horror, the upper piston ring doesn't even pass the bottom of the exhaust port.!!??

if anyone out there has noticed this please tell me your views, answers as what to do.

so, i bought the pinasco packing gasket  - (this needs trimming to match the ports)     to rasie the cylinder...this helped but naturally it made the deck height/squish gap even larger!! over 5mm!!!! wtf?

i remember measuring a standard piaggio 200 set up and the squish was larger than i was expecting (over 2mm but dont remember the exact measurement)

so this left me considering buying yet another crank, this time a 60mm long stroke. this would help considerably...more expense i really dont need. NO BODY ever warned about the exhaust port issue, otherwise i would not have bought a 57mm crank in the first place.

so now i will have to save hard for a 60mm as it seems to be the only viable way to use the exhaust port as intend. with the 60mm crank i will still need to have a head re profiled to keep compression low enough.

for laughs shits and giggles i measured the pinasco head and the piaggio head and amazingly both were 28cc. (they look way different) although the actual squish band width was different and the actual combustion chamber in the Piaggio was 14cc and in the PInasco head - 10cc.

im now going to save for a 60mm race crank, bolt it all together, adjust the bottom gasket so the piston head finishes level with the bottom of the exhaust port, then measure the squish, adjust the squish height to the same depth as a standard p200 (as we all know this works well) then re adjust the cc volume of the head to give me suitable uncorrected compression of around 10:1 (again similar to the standard p200) . upjet the standard carb, throw on a modified exhaust (similar to the SIP road race which is never gonna be available??) and hope for the best!!!

I think i will re profile a standard p200 head as it is heavier and has more metal to play with.

so do you have any heads spare? i maybe interested in buying one!

good luck with your kit

whats up dude!!

i have been asking this question for ever and no one seems to answer it... I contacted sip and they told me the first link you have is for a polini piston conversion so thats not the right one. i just ordered this one;jsessionid=E696E2B05F6C58A2DB7291961AD804AB?product=288621643592160&target=productdetail&category1=C&category2=CAT it is from scootercenter. I am pretty sure that this is the one me and you need! the only thing that makes me a little unsure is the fact that it says 210cc.. but then it also says reworked for the 213 piston so my guess is as good as yours. lol i know we have 69mm pistons and the head should be .5 bigger 69.5mm and that is what this one says. I am like 75% sure that the link i showed you is the right head for us. my guess is it says 210cc because it was a misprint or they are rounding down like they round up for the 213 and call it 215 or maybe the head actually makes the cylinder work like a 210cc idk lol

I went with this one because the other mmw head that you posted a link for is not as good as a worb5 head. So i have been told but who really knows i will keep you posted and you do the same if you get a solid answer!! 

ok so i go the worb5 head and bolted it on using the stock px200 gasket. i cut out the port to match the pinasco cylinder. the stock gasket is .2mm or something like that... anyways i measured my squish and got 1.6 on one side and 1.8 on the other? i was stocked when i saw i went from the stock head being 3.0 to 1.6 then when i measured the other side i got 1.8.... so i dont know what to tell you other then the head works great but i do want to find out why im seeing that squish difference?