Pinasco 215 vrh cylinder head

I have a 215 PINASCO CYLINDER kit and have now fitted a 60mm PINASCO crank. i have used a 1.5mm base packing gasket and have matched the transfer port....I have now bought the PINASCO VRH CYLINDER HEAD.....I am a bit confused on the product information on this head as to whether I need the base gasket or not whilst using this head......can anyone advise please..?

also I'm using the pinasco race exhaust along with a dellorto si 24/24 e carb which has a larger DRT float chamber and other modifications to improve fuel flow. Im using the polini venturi air intake system which mentions increasing the main jet size 10 to 15 sizes. is the increase from the standard 118 size jet in standard set up or increase from 125 jet i'm currently using with my PINASCO kit...




shouldn't be a nightmare: go slightly more advanced then you think should be good. Provoke a sligh pinking at open throttle (be sure the engine to be hot) if not it would not probably pink you think it is ok just to find out it pinks when is hotter. Then start retarding little by little untill no pink.

Of course your carb set up should be correct if not you pink not for the advance but for the lean condition.

Hi there, did you ever find out what main jet you should be using with the Pinasco 225 setup and the Polini venturi? I use the Pinasco venturi (similar to Polini) on my 225 and currently have a 135 main in my 24/24e. I'm wondering if it should be even bigger, as I know Polini includes a 140 with their venturi.


Hi ,

Normally you do not need the base gasket if you use the VRH head which is designed to give you 225 CC with a long stroke, at leat this is what I have on mine and it works well except that it was a nightmare (and still) to adjust timing with the vespatronic kit


Good luck

thanks for the reply, ive been running with the base gasket in. ive got the scoot on the ramp so will remove it and try again. i'm usin standard 12v ignition set at 18 degrees. the carb is set fine the plug is nice and choccy brown so im happy that mix and jetting is sorted once again many thanks.keep the faith, diddy

I initially started with a 138 main jet and then took it down to 135 and it runs well