Pinasco 215 squish band

I have fitted a pinasco 215 to my px200 /57mm crank and MMW zero squish head and have a negative deck height of 2.00mm, no amount of head work will lower the squish clearance.

Is this kit only for a long stroke setup or is it designed to run a high squish band, with supplied head it's 3.7mm

I want to get the squish band down to 1.5mm, should I machine 2.00mm off the top or bottom and then adjust with gaskets.

need advise soon, rally coming up!



hi the head I used is the 13013960 213 -07 pinasco 11:1 for polini piston works very well



hello what head did you buy? do you have a part number can you direct me to the link? there are many different heads for that kit some are only to be used with polini pistons.

thats very interesting too. ive been having the same predicament.

the piston at BDC was not lining up with the bottom of the exhaust port. i just ressurected an old post asking if i might have the old type barrel but seems you had the same problem

using a 57mm stroke crank, i would need approx 1.8mm base packing for the port to line up at bdc

this gives a squish of over 5mm!! wtf??? what type of kit is this?

im now saving again for a 60mm race crank, this will eliminate most of the issues and improve performance no end ( i hope) . i then plan to get a standard head re profiled to suit. aiming for a squish gap of between 1.5mm -  2.0mm to start with (has anyone ever measured the squish on the ultra reliable touring machine which never pings, that is the box standard px200?)


have you looked into the cilinder to see how much of the ports are open ,when piston is at the bottom dead end?

how much distance do you have from top of the piston to top of the cilinder, when piston is at top dead centre?

machining the base of the cilinder is possible to create a better squish but only after checking what it would do to the timing of the ports.


good luck.

hi, ports were not fully opened at bdc and had 2.0mm from piston to top of cylinder at tdc, so I solved the problem by machining 0.8 mm off the top of the cylinder and using the zero squish head - 13013960, squish is now 1.2 mm no pinging.