Pinasco 215, pinasco pipe, 24/24 carb settings?

I have fitted a pinasco kit onto my 2001 px200e with the pinasco exhaust and a 120 main jet (this all came in a the kit), i followed the instructions and adjusted the timing by turning the flywheel antclockwise 1mm (if i remember correctly) and drilling the air filter above the main jet… On a run back from a rally i was getting left behind by a standard p2 and a standard gp200, it felt as though i was flat out at 65mph although i had throttle left, it just sounded like it was at full revs. Also i think it may be pinking, i could hear a mettalic rattle while at full revs or under acceleration.
It was mentioned to me that the carb is a spaco one and might be crap so i changed it for a dellorto one but with no improvement.

I have the choice of 4 different exhausts, the pinasco, a scorpion, a simonini or the original standard one.

can any one recommend or suggest a good starting setup for me i.e carb settings, exhaust and timing.
I have gone throught the whole forum and printed off every post relating to pinasco to read up but would appreciate a bit of help.

Hi not wishing to disagree with Curare but 1mm is the definite lower limit for motorway work. I would be happier with 1.5mm. Also if you continue to have problems with the bike pinking ask a decent tuning shop to machine a little from the bowl of the head. If the bowl is too small this might explain why you are not burning all of the charge. Setting up the head is extremely important. Does the pinasco use a head gasket? If not you could maybe experiment with a malossi one. Don’t assume that because well known manufacturer has made the kit that it will bolt straight on without adjustment. To elaborate on Curare to find your squish clearance twist 3 or 4 strands of electrical soft solder together and divide into four parts. Remove the cylinder head and place each strand at the edge of the piston facing in towards the centre. They now form a cross. You can secure them with grease or silicon. Replace the head and turn the engine over by hand using the flywheel. Remove the head and measure each strand where it has been squashed. Take an average of the four and you have your squish clearance. Anything less than 1mm and bang!

What kind of petrol do you use, If you haven´t tried 98 oktan or whatever it´s called whare you live, (super duper premium??), you should. The higher oktan counteract pinking [:D]

I turned the stator how you have said and it is running much better, I will put the 120 jet back in, at the moment I have a 125 jet in and there is still too much fuel getting through, and I have an NGK9 in.
My only query is about the spark plug.
Would an NGK8 be ok for motor way work and touring?
There is still a small amount of pinking while on a run or opening up to go up a hill, could this be because of the NGK9?
I thought that you should have a cold plug in for touring etc or have I got it wrong as usual. [:rolleyes:]

thanks for all the replies.
I will try these things over the next few days and let you know how I get on.

hi diablo,
no, you don’t disagree with me when I said 1mm, I should have add as minimum clearance.

the right main should be between 120 and 125, I guess in this warm weather 120 - 122 should be ok.
It seams you are running with a too advanced timing set up.
The sintoms are: you will have a good acceleration but at a certain point at mid - high you find a wall.
Try to moove the stator 2-3 mm in the opposite position and see how your engine respond. Few times I have found 2 degree of difference in timing with the stator mark and strobo findings.

As I mentioned on the way back from a rally it sounded like it was pinking, I was running 3% oil mix (2% on autolube and 1% in the tank) with the pinasco pipe. If I was running the scoot on the standard 2% is it likely I could have holed my piston?

Also I tried the scooter on the standard exhaust with the 120 main jet, it accelerated like a rocket, lovely in third gear, got to 65 again but wouldn’t go any faster, I checked the plug and it was grey!!

Because of this I tried the 130 main and the scorpion pipe, it spat out loads of fuel and flats spots and struggles while accelerating as thought it is rich but after getting up to speed (again about 60) then checking the plug color it is a bit grey as though it is running lean?
Could all this be pointing to the timing?

When you say adjust it by a couple of degrees, do I turn the stator then strobe to see if the mark is a couple of degrees off the A or AT mark clockwise or anti-clockwise?

sorry about all the questions, i am abit new to Vespas[:(]

…turn the stator clockwise 2mm so that the line on the stator will be about 1mm on the right of the A mark on the case.
Your spark grade should be NGK8, Bosch4,or Denso24.
Put back the 120 main jet.
give it a try and let us know.

Low grade petrol will have an effect but its best to set a bike up to what you can always get. Don’t know about you but its bloody frustating to pull in to a garage out of juice to find no super!

NGK 8 is correct for this kit.
Check the squish band with the solder thruogh spark plug hole technique. Should be 1mm.
If you have the correct squish band turn the stator another 1mm clock direction.

Don´t have that problem in Sweden[:bounce:]
But your right! Better to do a perfect setup from start. But if he tries super petrol and it stops pinking then he knows that the compression is a bit high.


Ive not had too much experience of the pinasco kit as it doesn’t sell as well in uk as on the continent but 120 seems small for a kit. As a general rule I have always retarded the ignition as far as it will go on the slots ie past the IT mark. What this is in degrees I dont know I tend to set the timing by riding the bike than by set degree points. Im also not familiar with the pinasco exhaust but of the three you mentioned the scorpian will be the one which should let you rev past 70. both the simmonini and the std pipe will give you lower down power. The pinking could have come from the small jet. The drilling of the air filter is one which I think works but you need to have aq range of jets and air correctors to mess about with. You can also drill a smaller hole above the slow running jet. My feeling is you should up jet first and use the scorpian. Perhaps start with 125 but be prepared to go up or down.