Pinasco 215 noise

I am currently running a Pinasco 215 with a 1.5mm base gasket and a longstroke crankshaft. Standard carb and light flywheel. It all works well, but the sound of the engine is not comforting. There are some serious „metallic“ noises. Is this normal with the Pinasco cylinder? I bought the scooter with the cylinder, so I have no idea how old/worn it is. I suspect „piston slap“ but I am not sure…
Thanks for any advice!


the metallic noise you are talking about could be caused by a too advanced ignition timing or lean carb set up or both.
Check the timing. With longstroke you can set it at 21°-22°.

Ok. Ill try to adjust the ignition before I shell out for a new cylinder. :o) Thanks

I think DIABLO made some good remarks some weeks ago, about „pinking“ with the Pinasco cylinder kit. Check back here and look.


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Yeah Hi. I found with the pinasco long stoke it ran a lot better with a low compresion cylinder head. The total volume i used was 34cc icluding the squish. I found the head that came with the kit was way to high compresion. As curare says it could be pinking or knocking you are hearing.

I had a closer look at the engine. And I found that actually my flywheel is disintegrating. (I am running an old Pinasco flywheel) There is some serious play between the insert with the tread and the rest of the flywheel. I’ll try to change this for a start, and see how it works…