Pinasco 215 kit for px200

i ordered the pinasco 215 kit for my px200.
i will get it next month and i am going to install it.

i wanted to know if there is someone who instaled it already and how powerfull it is?
i use a sito plus and the cARBURATOR IS A 24/24 and i will need to replace the main jet ofcourse.

which get do u recomand the best for this varation and which other minor changes u reconad?



my vespa is from the yhear of 1998 if it matters…

no one can answer me!!!

thanks man!

i know the problem with the electric start but it is minor.i will need to grind the last fin a little bit that’s all.

do u have msn messenger? minr is [email protected]
feel free to add me,it is always nice to chat with a vespa man! [H]

Hi Orenl,

I am running a Pinasco 215 kit on my P200,

Do you have electric start? I have read on another site that the ring gear on the flywheel catches the cylinder and you have to remove some material from a couple of the bottom fins. Don’t know if this is true as mine doesn’t have it.

Check the ring gap on the kit when you get it as mine were really tight. The gap for a standard PX200 is 0.25 - 0.40mm.

Set the timing to around 17 Degrees NOT 24 Degrees as Pinasco suggest. You can then play with this at a later date when you have got the jetting sorted.

Replace the main jet with a larger one, start around 125 this will probably be too big but then you can come down in stages until you get the correct size. You can check this by doing a ‚plug chop‘ and checking the colour, there are plenty of threads on this site explaining how to do this.

Use an NGK B8ES Spark plug, this will run slightly cooler than the standard plug.

You will feel an increase in performance but not as much as with a Malossi or Polini kit as the Pinasco porting is not as extreme.

Hope this helps!