Pinasco 213

Hi all! Thanks to those who replied to my last postings.

I have just bought a Pinasco 213cc for my P engined Rally. I noticed in the SIP catalogue that they recommend a longer crank.

Do I really need to use a longer crank with this kit or can I stick with the standard P crank? If I have to use a longer crank, what modifications need to be done to the scoot to get it to work?

Look forward to hearing from you all! Noisywasp

You don’t need the long-stroke crank to run the kit. (57mm is fine)

If you do then you need an extra thick cylinder base gasket made for the job (1.5mm).

However, I’ve heard that the compression on the head on the new kit is way too high…get that checked & sorted either way.

Time and up-jet per the kit instructions and you are good to go.

Will work properly with the case transfers matched and better still with a more sporty pipe than the original.