Pinasco 213 set up?

I have fitted a pinasco 213, I have set the timing to 20 degrees & its got a 120 main jet in the standered 24mm carb it has a JL left hand exhaust & it seems ok but its still not right,  it feels a little blurey going through the gears. Any ideas? do you think a 120 is still to big?

Cheers Kev


Ive got a pinasco kit, that now ive put a couple of thousand kms on is just starting to loosen up and run quite nicely, before it always seemed a bit sluggish but now its pretty torqueyand is a great touring machine, i live in australia so do a lot of long distance riding on long straight roads and it seems perfect for this,

How many kms have you done? I reckon all bikes have to get a bit of milage before you really know what theyre like,

I set my timing to about 20-21 deg and that seems ok. Ive got a SIP performer ex and run a 125 main jet but I think I might need to come down a touch on that, i dont think youd need less than 120 though as standard is only 118!

Next thing im considering is an HP4 but dont know if ill lose a bit of the momentum i get from a heavier flywheel on longer trips..anyone any ideas? 

I’ve a pinasco 213 and my configuration is:

Pinasco 213 Kit
Jl Exhaust right hand
DellOrto SI 24/24G (Original T5 carburator) with the air filter T5. (Jet 135, 2.5 Round for Air Screw)

PK Flywheel rotor (1600g)
Clutch reinforced

Good motor ! 130KM/h !


 Yes it is the Pinasco head which I know needs work, I would really like to know is the best timing as I have read 20 degrees & 18 degress would like to know which one people have had better results with.

Sorry I have never used this kit …but! what head,and what squish? as I know this kit needs work done to the head,I know the pinasco is not a fast kit, but more of a touring kit, but with jetting you should always start rich, and then work your way down.

Hi, sorry I can't be much help, but if you can work, out how to search this forum![:@] the same problems were disscused last year sometime.

but 20 degrees does sound about right[:|]