Pinasco 213 for PX

I use my PX200 every day to go to work, and I use it for weekends away and usually a week touring in the summer. I prefer a good strong midrange to lug up hills, and the ability to maintain a cruising speed with all my winter waterproofs on (wind resistance is very high with them on!!). I already have a short 4th gear for this reason. Reading the threads on this board, I get the impression that a Pinasco 213, long stroke crank, and Sito plus would be a good bet? However, my local scooter shop tells me they feel the Pinasco kit is very prone to seizing and is unreliable. Obviously, I need a reliable bike. Anyone have any thoughts?

Also, does the Pinasco need crancase work, like Malossi? What sort of top/crusing speed would be reasonable to expect?

Thanks, Nick


about top speed I would say that it is only a partial part of the global scooter performance. Ok, I can understand of the proudness to look at your scooter reaching a speed of 95mph, but to feel that proudness you have to reach that speed. What about the behaviour on the low mid- mid range rpm, range that you daily use. It feels preatty empty, so you must have short gear and your engine has to rev high. I personally prefer for daily use a good compromise.

Scooter that reach 95mph are possible to build after a lot of money spent on.
85 mph cruising speed ? This is a question. It depends what they intend for cruising speed.
With a 23/65 gear ratio and short fourth you can get to 95mph at 9000 that is a real rare achievement.
In this kind of scooter you get 85mph at 8000rpm. If we can consider that in a scooter the feeling of 8000rpm can be considered tollerable for cruising Ok. But I think it is just theorical cruising.

For me cruising speed is a speed where your engine is confortably full and vibrations accettable, and the attention of the driver on the confort side-
Very well highly tuned scooter are reliable. The only thing is that they need more service, since they rev and vibrate higher and higher power. So tires, clutch, bearings etc need to be replaced earlier than the less tuned ones.

As far as regard my website I don’t really have one, I have a web address where I started and I will continue to show some pictures of engine: engine parts etc.

Thanks Curare - that’s this year’s plan then! I believe you have your own website - where can I find it?

Cheers, Nick


longstroke, Pinasco and Sito plus is the choice I would do for these kind of needs. If you have more money to invest I would get a PM instead of a Sito plus, it will give you the same nice power curve but with few more HP. And you can use the spare tire too.
With this kit you don’t need to port the enginecases as it is needed with Polini Malossi kit.

It is a very reliable engine and with a PM you can extimate a cruising speed of 105 kmh. With a Sito plus around 95kmh.

I agree with everything you say - thanks!


Also (forgot before!) its good to hear „real world“ advice for a change. Reading the scooter mags, its easy to believe all the talk of reliable bikes with 95 mph top and 85 cruising speed! Do they exist?