Pinasco 2% oil mix ratio

Pinasco advertise that you can continue to use premix oil running at 2% with their kits. Is this for real???

My PX200 had an unmatched Pinasco kit in it with a SIP Performer and I ended up seizing it. Well I didn’t, but the fat bastard who was flogging it on a long ride on a hot day up a hill did.[:@] Fortunately he pulled the clutch before it carked it.

So my question is… is 2% oil mix realistic on a Pinasco kit? Does anyone know if that includes port matched kits? What about with pipes? What about with long stroke cranks?

Unless I’m persuaded otherwise, I reckon if I do end up getting another one, I’ll run a 5% mix.


if you are using the correct spark grade ( NGK 8 , Bosch 4, Denso 24…) and the correct timing and your carb set up is not lean, you can use the premix at 2%.
I generally don’t use the premix even though I recognize the convinience of such advice.
I have seen many breaking, and when they break you know what it happens…

The other factor is the quality of the oil. Like Curare I like to know for sure the oil is there but if you do use autolube make sure it is fully synthetic and for injecter. I have a friend who has made a steeper inclined gear for the oil pump which works well. I am trying to get aload of gears together to take to a machine shop.
The thing is dont assume that it was lack of oil. The weather, poor quality petrol and advanced ignition timing could all play a part.